According to Colorado Parks and Wildlife, a response to a reported bear attack revealed that no bear attack actually occurred despite a woman’s claim. Why a bear attack was reported to authorities in the first place is yet to be determined.

From the official press release:

“After an investigation of the area and subsequent interview with the woman, CPW officials have determined that no bear attack occurred.”

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Earlier that day, the unnamed woman reported a bear attack while hiking with her dog at Golden Gate Canyon State Park. According to original reports, the alleged attack happened on Coyote Trail. Coyote Trail is listed on AllTrails as a lightly trafficked 3.7 mile trail near Black Hawk, Colorado. Dogs are allowed on the trail, though they must be leashed. As a result of the incident, the woman was transported to Saint Anthony’s Medical Center.

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Wildlife officials determined that a bear attack could not have occurred after finding no evidence of similar wildlife in the area. The closure of the trail has been lifted and the area has been deemed safe to enter.

Golden Gate Canyon State Park is located by Golden, Colorado, close to 12,000 acres in size. A popular recreation spot for people on the Front Range, the park is home to more than 30 miles of trails.

The original report of the attack came as a surprise, as bear attacks are quite rare in Colorado with the common black bear tending to avoid human interaction when possible.

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