Introducing OutThere Colorado’s, Faces of Colorado series. There are so many stories of laughter and of triumph, of peaks summited and rock faces climbed, of families coming together around a campfire and friends enjoying an afternoon hike. We want to introduce you to the people and the adventures that make up the Colorado outdoors community. We can’t wait to meet you!

“The best wipeout I’ve ever had was in front of a group of rookie ski instructors. We were in our first week of training in Telluride, and as a group, we went for a fun run through the trees. The snow was coming down pretty hard and the light was flat, but my turns felt dialed, I was feeling confident. The group had stopped just at the edge of the treeline to jump back out onto the run, and unfortunately for me, I was in the zone. I launched off the edge onto the run and landed ski tips first into a snow bank. Both of my bindings released, I did a full front flip, and landed right on my face in the snow. Not my most graceful moment.” — Sophie Goodman, Editor of OutThere Colorado

Sophie Goodman - Ouray Colorado - Editor - OutThere Colorado
Sophie Goodman, editor of OutThere Colorado. Ouray, Colorado.


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