It’s about that time that you’re probably wondering what type of weather is headed to Colorado this weekend, and to be frank, no one is quite sure.

The report that tends to be the most trusted among mountain-goers, OpenSnow, points to possible snow favoring the eastern mountains, but also mentions that the weather pattern isn’t showing clear indicators of what way storms will be moving. This means that while some spots of Colorado are likely looking at potential snow of more than 6 inches, the storm might also miss these areas altogether.

Other sources show a chance of snow in Colorado Springs from Thursday night through Saturday morning, with Denver also likely looking at snow during the same time frame. Much of the high country also mimics this same schedule for a chance of precipitation, though if snow hits at a higher altitude, it will likely yield more powder.

Some southern mountains, like Telluride, are expected to get snow on both Friday and Saturday, with more snow coming mid-week next week.

Long story short – if you’re hoping to hit some fresh powder this weekend, you might get your chance. Just don’t be disappointed when sunny skies rear their head instead.

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