An Idaho nurse pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence in the disappearance and apparent murder of Kelsey Berreth in Woodland Park.

Krystal Jean Lee Kenney, 32, of Hansen, Idaho, accepted the plea deal at her advisement hearing Friday in exchange for her testimony against Patrick Frazee, Berreth’s fiancee and alleged killer.

“I knew Patrick Frazee committed homicide,” said Kenney. She said she tampered with his cell phone knowing there would be an investigation.

The charge against Kenney is a felony carrying a potential sentence of up to 18 months in prison. She is eligible for probation and community corrections.

Her review hearing is set for June 24.

Details of the alleged crime haven’t been released.

Authorities haven’t implicated her with playing a direct role in Berreth’s apparent murder. Kenney reportedly had a romantic relationship Frazee, who has been charged with five counts in the case, including first-degree murder.

Although no body has been located, authorities say they believe Berreth, 29, was slain in her Woodland Park home on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 22.

That was the same day that Berreth met with Frazee to hand off their 1-year-old daughter for a visit, authorities have said.

The woman’s disappearance spawned a monthlong nationwide search — and reported complaints by Frazee that investigators jumped to the conclusion he was guilty of foul play.

Frazee, 32, was arrested Dec. 21. He is being held without bond at the Teller County jail, awaiting a Feb. 19 preliminary hearing at which prosecutors are expected to lay out their evidence against him. An arrest affidavit detailing grounds for his arrest has been sealed from public view.

Woodland Park police have said a tower in Gooding, Idaho, pinged Berreth’s cellphone three days after she disappeared. Gooding is roughly 40 miles from where Kenney lives, according to court records.

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