If you want to visit the building that many consider to be the most beautiful chapel in Colorado, make sure you do so while it’s still 2018.

The Cadet Chapel located at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs will be closed on January 1, 2019 for up to four years. The reason? A restoration project that aims to fix leaky spires, among other things.

Overall, the renovation is expected to cost up to $68 million and will involve a complicated process of removing copious amounts of stained glass at the location, as well as the chapel’s recognizable aluminum shell.

Cadet Chapel inside artonthefly Flickr
The colorful inside of the Cadet Chapel. Photo Credit: artonthefly (Flickr).

According to a report by Tom Roeder of the Colorado Springs Gazette, there’s 32 miles of caulking in the chapel, which has stood for more than 50 years.

The chapel is considered iconic for several reasons, one of which is its appearance. It stands 150 feet tall, with 17 massive metallic spires and a backdrop of green mountains. It’s also known for housing a diverse array of religious spaces representing several religions including a Protestant chapel, a Muslim worship space, a Buddhist prayer room, a Jewish temple space, and a Catholic chapel, as well as additional space that can be converted to other religious areas as needed.

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