Springtime is the perfect time to start hitting the trails following the long winter. Unfortunately, in Colorado, those trails tend to stay slick and muddy for quite some time. This makes bringing the proper shoe traction for your adventure essential. While there are varying levels of traction, ranging from small rubber nubs to full-on crampon-style attachments, something in-between will usually do the trick.

Editor’s Note: This is part of a series covering the OutThere Colorado’s team training process leading up to the Pikes Peak Ascent race on August 22.

My favorite set of traction spikes these days are the Korkers “Ice Runners.” They’re unlike any other traction I’ve worn before, as they utilize the BOA technology. A wire that pulls the device into a form-fit, this allows the traction system to tightly hug your foot with no slippage on a wide range of shoes. While other traction devices held together by rubber can feel clunky and generic, the Korkers “Ice Runners” give me the perfect fit every time without struggle. They’re also lightweight enough for me to carry until needed.

Tiny metal pins spread around the bottom of the device help the shoes grab the ice when there’s slippage. So far, I’ve used this set of traction a number of times on downhill trails covered in ice and I have yet to run into an issue.

The Korkers “Ice Runners” start at $59.99, but there are a number of other options for different experiences that also use the game-changing BOA technology. Click here for more info.

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