A visitor at Garden of the Gods has claimed to have spotted a hyena at the park in Colorado Springs, according to a report from the Colorado State Patrol. The claim states that the animal was spotted near the Garden of the Gods Trading Post, a gallery and shop in the southern portion of the park. This building is found right off of the main road that cuts through the area. It’s also near residential housing.

While this is an actual claim that was reported to the state police, the chances of someone spotting a hyena in Garden of the Gods are quite slim. Hyenas are native to parts of north and northeast Africa, the Middle East, and Asia (even southern Siberia), but are not found in the wild in North America. It’s also worth noting that there doesn’t seem to be a hyena in captivity at nearby Cheyenne Mountain Zoo that could have escaped.

This spotting was most likely the misidentification of a bobcat, coyote, or another large four-legged creature. What do you think it could be?

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