It’s been a windy week on the Front Range, but more heavy winds are expected to be on the way.

The National Weather Service has issued a warning for damaging high-speed winds “for the Front Range mountains and foothills” after indications that strong gusts will start Friday night and continue through the weekend until Sunday morning. Winds are expected to be a sustained 45 to 55 miles per hour many places on the Front Range with gusts capable of reaching 85 miles per hour.

To put that in perspective, a Category 1 hurricane typically has wind speeds that range from 74 to 95 miles per hour. An F1 tornado typically means winds with a speed in the 73-112 mile per hour range.

Be extra cautious while traveling in vehicles with flat sides and empty trailers, as winds of this speed can impact driving. Tie down lawn furniture or bring it inside. While outside, be aware of flying debris.

It’s worth mentioning that this wind storm comes roughly a year and a month after another massive wind storm hit the Front Range, specifically Colorado Springs. During this 2017 wind storm, wind speeds peaked at over 100 miles per hour, putting it on par with a Class II hurricane. This storm flipped semi-trucks highways, covered streets with fallen trees, and caused widespread power outages.

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