A home was destroyed by an explosive blast this week in Breckenridge and a snow slide could have been the cause.

According to Red, White and Blue Fire Protection District, the blast, which injured two and left the house in ruins, was likely due to snow sliding into a gas pipe with enough power to break the pipe and cause a gas leak.

The explosion occurred between 1 and 2 AM Wednesday morning. Of the two injuries, one seems to be more serious, requiring transportation to Denver.

This incident has prompted Red, White & Blue Fire Protection District to remind local residents to clear ice and snow from the area around their home’s gas meter. Given that the huge amount of snowfall that’s stacked up around Colorado this season is now melting (and sliding), prepare for potential roof slides.

Urban avalanches have caused problems around the state throughout the year, including one instance that left someone dead in Crested Butte.

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