According to the Colorado Avalanche Information Center, an “historic” avalanche has slid from Highlands Ridge into the valley below on a path that took snow 3,000 feet down the hill. They estimate that the slide took out “hundreds if not thousands of trees.” A nearby home was also threatened though faced minor damage, including a broken chimney and shattered windows.

Debris is said to have cross Conundrum Creek, still having enough steam to knock down trees on the other side.

This slide occurred near Aspen Highlands terrain. According to the report, nearly every path off of the ridge slid, including all of the “Five Fingers Run.”

As far as size goes, this avalanche was huge – R5, D4.5. The “R5” portion of that rating means that the avalanche was the maximum size relative to the path of the slide. The “D4.5” portion of that rating means that the slide is capable of destroying homes, large vehicles or train cars, or large swaths of forest. In other words, this was a big one.

Aspen Times has reported that this avalanche destroyed the trailhead for Conundrum Valley Trail. This is a popular route for reaching Conundrum Hot Springs.

Aspen continues to be one part of the state that’s been hit hard by avalanches. A shocking number of slides have been occurring, with more than 300 taking place in the first week of March. That being said, this was one of the largest avalanches to occur in Colorado thus far this season.

Elsewhere around the state, avalanches and associated risks have shut down ski resorts, stopped traffic, and resulted in deaths.

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