According to the Summit County Sheriff’s Office, a man went missing on Monday, July 9th, on Buffalo Mountain in Summit County while on a hike. Following an extensive search, the man was found late on Tuesday morning near an avalanche chute after hikers heard him yelling for help.

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This 74-year-old escaped his time being lost with nothing more than dehydration and a few scrapes, though instances like this can quickly get much worse.

While specifics of this case are unknown, this instance is a good opportunity to remind outdoor enthusiasts of the importance of staying on trail. Not only does this prevent damage of fragile ecosystems, it can also prevent accidental routes that lead to sketchy situations. Not staying on the trail was a key factor in several deaths on Capitol Peak last summer, as undefined routes can often lead to loose rock, cliffs, and impassable terrain.

RELATED: You’re Lost…Now What Do You Do? 

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