Found on Tuesday after three nights on 14,075-foot Missouri Mountain, Shuei Kato lived to tell his tale. According to KUSA 9NEWS, Kato took a wrong turn on his way down from the summit that resulted in him being four miles off trail with waning daylight. Not planning to be in the wilderness overnight, Kato’s only survival gear consisted of a jacket, several candy bars, and a pot to boil water.

For several days, more than 40 crew members from three rescue groups searched for Kato, utilizing three helicopters in the process. They started by checking “high-probability areas”, though they were unsuccessful, postponing their search on Monday due to a snow storm, increasing avalanche risks, and low visibility.

This map shows Missouri Mountain, Pine Creek, and the direction of where the standard trailhead to the top of Missouri Mountain is. While we were unable to confirm exactly where Kato was found, these locations may be relevant. Photo Credit: Google Maps.

Kato was found when the search resumed on Tuesday, thanks to the heat signature from his fire. He was in the Pine Creek Drainage, five miles from the Missouri Mountain summit with no injuries or need for medical attention.

Kato credits his responsibilities at home for his survival, but also mentioned that he used tips from Bear Grylls, doing things like limiting sleep time to 30 minute intervals to prevent death from hypothermia.

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