As talk about COVID-19 heats up in Colorado, Governor Polis has urged the public to proceed with caution.

Individuals over 60 years of age and those with underlying health issues are urged to avoid travel in the high country across the state, with resort towns likely to show the first signs of community spread of the new coronavirus.

Polis said, “We believe the virus will hit resort and mountain communities first.”

News broke on March 11 that Aspen was displaying the first signs of “limited community spread” of COVID-19 in Colorado, following a number of Australian tourists testing positive for the virus.

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As the risk of outbreaks in these tiny towns increases, worries have been expressed regarding limited capacity to treat patients at medical facilities.

In the same press conference where Polis expressed concern regarding the high country, he also stated that community spreading is likely already underway in the Denver metro area. With additional testing, positive cases of COVID-19 are expected to increase in following days.

Polis said, “This will get worse before it gets better.”

If you think you’re exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, avoid public contact to prevent the spread – even if symptoms are minimal. Find additional information about what those symptoms may look like here.

RELATED: Here’s where COVID-19 is currently found in Colorado

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