In contrast to last weekend’s heavy snow (20+ inches), a heatwave is set to hit Colorado through the next several days.

Denver is looking at highs in the 90s starting Wednesday through the weekend with a slight chance of rain on Saturday and Sunday.

Colorado Springs will likely have cloudy skies and temperatures in the 80s through July 6th, with a strong chance of nighttime thunderstorms starting Sunday through next weekend. These warm temperatures come just days after a record-setting low.

Breckenridge will have highs reaching into the low-70s this week. Highs in Aspen will likely near a warmer 80 degrees.

The warmer temperatures in Colorado’s mountains are expected to melt quite a bit of snowpack. Be warned that Colorado’s rivers and waterways will be swollen with fast moving and powerful water, making them very dangerous. Three people have died in three separate incidents over the past week in Colorado rivers.

Weather in Trinidad will reach into the 90s several days this week.

Grand Junction will likely be one of the warmest regions in the state throughout the week, with temperatures nearing 100 on Friday and Saturday.

Steamboat, which got clobbered with snow last weekend, will have highs in the 70s throughout the week.

If you’re out there and adventuring this week, make sure you stay hydrated. Hot, dry weather will drain you. It’s also important to be aware of how melting snow will impact water conditions around the state. Heed local warnings and river bans. It could save your life.

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