For the second time in a year and a half, a local transient was arrested Friday for brandishing a hatchet at fellow residents of the Intercept Lot, according to court documents and statements in court Monday.

Justin Schaaf, 35, was charged with felony menacing after two other men who live in their vehicles at the park-and-ride lot at Brush Creek Road and Highway 82 called 911 to report that he was “waving a hatchet around,” according to an affidavit filed in Pitkin County District Court.

Both men, however, showed up Monday at Schaaf’s advisement hearing in District Court and said Schaaf was a good friend of theirs and they didn’t want to press charges against him. One told Magistrate Judge Susan Ryan that Schaaf had been “under an extreme amount of stress” lately and that they’d never had problems before.

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