There’s a unique event coming to Denver and it’s attracting huge attention from Harry Potter fans.

The Wizard’s Brunch offers a Harry Potter-themed dining experience in two enchanting settings – a kid-friendly brunch and a dinner. Both will feature a three-course meal under a canopy of lights along with bubbly potions, magical spells, and mysterious fortune tellings. Pack your wand, throw on your cloak, and get ready for the ultimate Harry Potter adventure!

Photo Credit: Ashley McMath Photography

You’re encouraged to dress-up as a Hogwarts student, witch, warlock, sorcerer, or goblin. Or perhaps you’re so bold to channel your inner wizard and dress up as Harry Potter himself.

Ticket sell out fast, so make sure you get your name on the waiting list. The official date and location has yet to be announced, though the rumor is that it’ll be held this summer. To pre-register for this event, click here.

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