According to an article by Ski-Hi News, the owner of Granby Ranch, Marise Cipriani, and the CEO, Melissa Cipriani, have announced that they’ll be selling the resort after 22 years of ownership. Marise was growing tired of long commutes to see her husband in Brazil and Melissa cited wanting to start a family as a key reason, noting that the stress of the job was becoming a distraction. The Ciprianis acquired the resort in 1995 for $12.5 million, following a plane crash at Granby Airport that killed the previous owners of the land.

This comes in the wake of recent financial struggles at Granby Ranch, which included failing to pay $380,000 in delinquent taxes, as well as a death on one of the ski resort’s lifts last season.

According to the Ciprianis, they prefer to sell the resort as one piece, which may lead to a lengthy selling process. Plans are in place to continue operations throughout the sale.

Haven’t been to Granby Ranch? Here’s a video the OutThere team shot on site last season:

And here’s a video from our trip there in July:

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