Over the course of five weeks, OutThere Colorado’s “Girls that Shred” series will profile five women who have made a lifestyle out of outdoor adventure. OutThere Colorado is so excited to showcase women who make strong beautiful everyday and who are beautiful in their strength.

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There are those who are called to something different, away from traffic, desk jobs, and traditional career paths. From climbing to snowboarding, mountain biking to big mountain skiing, the women of the “Girls that Shred” series have each found themselves drawn to the sport that gives them the most freedom. Hilary Lempit, yogi and climber of the second “Girls that Shred” profile, has been inspired by forging new and beautiful climbing routes. This week, OutThere Colorado is profiling North Face skier Kasha Rigby, “the best telemark skier in the known universe”.

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Girls that Shred, Part 3 — Meet Kasha Rigby

Kasha Rigby Photo Credit Mary McIntyre - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Mary McIntyre.

Age: 46

Hometown: Stowe, VT

Currently Live: Boulder, UT

Occupation: Wilderness guide, waitress, and legendary telemark skier.

“I have friends all over the world, but my Colorado tribe still feels so deep in their dedication to skiing and sport and outdoor life.”

Kasha Rigby’s ski stories always surround a tribe. If you ask her about career highlights, she could start by listing a series of first descents, including the Five Holy Peaks on the borders of Mongolia, China, Russia, and Kazakhstan, first descents on peaks in Russia’s Kamchatka region, and the first descent of a 2500 meter couloir in the remote Himachal Pradesh region of India. But instead, Rigby chooses to focus on the women that have become lifelong ski, climb, and travel partners. “This core group was able to attain goals together that we couldn’t have done solo,” says Rigby, “Some of these accomplishments have yet to be repeated.”

Vermont native Kasha Rigby began her professional ski career in the ‘90s in Crested Butte, Colorado on a whim as the only telemark entry in the 1993 U.S. Extreme Skiing Championship. She came away with a fourth place finish, besting most of those who laughed at her unsecured heels. Since then, and during and after 10 of what she calls her most formative years spent living in Colorado, Rigby’s expeditions have taken her all over the world and up and down some of the most formidable and uncharted mountains on the planet (all before Google Earth!).

But beyond an innate talent for skiing and an obvious love of adrenaline, Rigby always comes back to a genuine passion for telemarking, the women that inspire and push her, and the draw of wild landscapes. Now in her forties, Rigby has been skiing her whole life and can’t picture herself slowing down because for her, skiing is really as simple as the love of the game and finding community in the people that also find themselves drawn to it. Spend some time above tree line, and it’s likely you’ll find her on a trail up there too.

Kasha Rigby Photo Credit Mary McIntyre - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: Mary McIntyre.

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