It takes guts, grit, endurance, and a gleeful love of adrenaline to pursue extreme sports the way that the women in this five-part “Girls that Shred” article series do. You’ve gotta have some muscle to scale a mountain face and race at top speed down high-alpine singletrack. For these women, physical strength is inseparable from their inner drive, from their pursuit of what they love. What begins as a conversation about female athlete body image and body politics always ends with a love story about the outdoors and their chosen sports.

Over the course of five weeks, OutThere Colorado’s “Girls that Shred” series will profile five women who have made a lifestyle out of outdoor adventure. OutThere Colorado is so excited to showcase women who make strong beautiful everyday and who are beautiful in their strength.

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Girls that Shred, Part 1 — Meet Alexa Hohenberg

Photo courtesy of Alexa Hohenberg - OutThere Colorado
Alexa Hohenberg. Photo Credit: Patrick Fux, courtesy of Alexa Hohenberg.

Age: 32

Hometown: London, England

Currently Live: Manly Beach, Australia, but I travel six months of the year.

Primary Sport: Big mountain snowboarding.

Occupation: Digital media maven turned backcountry snowboard guide.

What does it mean to follow your bliss? In Alexa Hohenberg’s case, it means quitting a prestigious job as the Head of Digital Strategy for FremantleMedia Australia to be a backcountry snowboard guide in Niseko, Hokkaido, Japan (with a little freelance film production on the side). “I had an idea for a dream life of balance between [media and snowboarding], and I chased it. I’m lucky enough to say I love both my day jobs and have found a way to make it work.” And has she ever. From producing and directing the first all women’s snowboarding movie in 2005, “SnowBalls” to first descents in Alaska, from multiple awards for television production and advertising to professional backcountry snowboard guiding, Hohenberg has truly excelled at each of her passions.

These days, Hohenberg’s work-life balance takes her all over the world, including her favorite American state—Colorado. A 2015 road trip reaffirmed her affinity with the Colorado Rockies and took her from the Western Slope all the way to the Front Range: “After a fun splitboard session just off the road in the San Juans near Durango, we headed to Steamboat where we scored an epic powder day…So many amazing options, people, breweries, and mountains.” Hohenberg’s adventures in Colorado have only fueled her 22-year long love affair with snowboarding. “It’s my biggest love—The ender of many relationships, the cause of all my surgeries, and the sucker of all my money.”

But “no regrets”, Hohenberg says of her chosen path. It’s not only her constant drive to progress as an athlete, but also as a storyteller that keeps her on the mountain. Hohenberg also applies her talents to, her digital media platform for promoting women in action sports.

A little adventure can go a long way.

Photo courtesy of Alexa Hohenberg - OutThere Colorado
Alexa Hohenberg. Photo courtesy of Alexa Hohenberg.

Click here to learn more about the Girls that Shred article series.

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