Colorado has some of the world’s best outdoor landscapes to explore. From mountains to rivers, national parks to biking trails, there is no shortage of breathtaking scenery. And in order to keep it that way, the Centennial State gets a little help from its friends at Colorado outdoor organizations committed to maintaining the integrity of natural environments. With the help of thousands of volunteer nature lovers, the state remains one of the most well protected environments in the country. Whether you’re looking to get your hands dirty or simply want to donate to those who help, these 5 colorado outdoor organizations offer wonderful ways to get involved in preserving the land that you enjoy.

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1. Wildlands Restoration Volunteers

Wildlands Restoration Volunteers organizes over 100 wildland projects throughout Colorado and southern Wyoming. With over 100 projects to choose from that vary in length and focus, there is something for everyone to enjoy at this Boulder and Fort Collins based organization. Click here for more info!

2. The Colorado Trail Foundation

Help keep one of Colorado’s main attractions in shape by volunteering with the Colorado Trail Foundation. During the summer, volunteers help clean up, build, and enhance the trails in Colorado. Click here for more info!

3. Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado

Volunteers for Outdoor Colorado is a great resource for finding projects that fit your needs. Research over 40 active projects on their website for individuals, kids, corporations, and more. Click here for more info!

4. Trails and Open Space Coalition

The Trails and Open Space Coalition, based in Colorado Springs, is dedicated to the preservation and creation of open space and recreation trails in the Pikes Peak region. You can join the crew throughout the month for trail maintenance projects. Click here for more info!

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5. Leave No Trace

This Boulder-based organization encourages hikers, bikers, climbers, skiers, and everyone who enjoys the outdoors to take care of the land. By packing out your trash, being respectful of wildlife, and using established trails and campsites, you can minimize your impact on the natural environment. Click here for more info!

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