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The Ultimate Colorado Winter Bucket List

Gallery by: Spencer McKee

Colorado might be known for its ski hills, but that's not the only thing to do in the Centennial State come the winter season. Add these items to your seasonal bucket list to help spice up your life over the next few months.

Telluride, Colorado - @sebastiao_bacalhau (Instagram) - OutThere Colorado

1. Visit a Tiny Mountain Town

If you really want to experience the winter vibe of Colorado, head to one of Colorado's many mountain towns. Places like Silverton, Telluride, and Grand Lake are perfect winter destinations.
Photo Credit: @sebastiao_bacalhau (Instagram)

2. Go Ice Skating

Whether you're on a natural pond or a skating rink, ice skating is the perfect winter activity. This shot shows Sky Pond, a relatively hard places to reach during the winter. If you're looking for something that's Zamboni maintained, Dercum Ice Skating Rink in Keystone is a great option.
Photo Credit: Christian Murdock
Zoe Hart Ouray Ice Festival 2011 Photo Credit Christian Murdock - OutThere Colorado

3. Attend a Winter Sports Event

From Breckenridge's Dew Tour to the X Games in Aspen to the Ice Climbing Festival in Ouray, there are plenty of opportunities to attend a winter sports event in Colorado. Unlike most professional sports found in stadiums, these events tend to be more laid back and give visitors a chance to get plenty of fresh air.
Photo Credit: Christian Murdock.

4. Get Lost in an Ice Castle

Head to Dillon, Colorado to find an ice castle that looks more like something out of a Disney movie than real life. Perfect for photographs and exploring, a trip to an ice castle will be an adventure you don't soon forget.
Photo Credit: Christian Murdock
Snowshoeing Dillon Reservoir OutThere Colorado

5. Snowshoe Your Favorite Hiking Trail

Once the snow starts falling, the Colorado landscape can look vastly different. Find your favorite hiking trail and give it a try in some snowshoes. With the new season, you'll notice things you've never noticed before.
Photo Credit: Stephen Martin, OutThere Colorado
Cornet Creek Uncompahgre National Forest Photo Credit Sophie Goodman - OutThere Colorado

6. Hunt Down a Frozen Waterfall

While Colorado's many waterfalls are worth tracking down year round, winter gives them a completely new look. Places like Bridal Veil Falls and Cornet Falls are great for winter exploring.
Photo Credit: Sophie Goodman
Colorado Wolf and Wildlife Center - Divide, Colorado - @bitchin_wizard (Instagram) - OutThere Colorado

7. Connect with the Local Wildlife

It might get a little cold in Colorado during the winter, but there are still plenty of chances to get up-close and personal with some wildlife. Two places that are open year round include the Wolf and Wildlife Center near Divide and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs.
Photo Credit: @bitchin_wizard (Instagram)
Winter sledding - Rocky Mountain national Park - Tereza_Venn - iStock

8. Hit the Sledding Hill

Not a skier? No problem. You can still have a blast in the snow. Find a small hill and grab your sled. Better yet, just keep a sled in the trunk of your car so that you'll have it when the opportunity arises.
Photo Credit: Tereza_Venn
Lesson 2 - OutThere Colorado

9. Go Skiing...Somewhere Flat

Have you ever tried Nordic skiing? If not, you'll need to rent some skis and test it out this winter. You wear smaller shoes attached to skis at the toe to slide along snow covered terrain. It's like skating meets hiking in the best way possible.
Photo Credit: Charles Roach
Family ski day - Purgatory Resort - courtesy of Visit Durango - OutThere Colorado

10. Teach Someone About Your Favorite Winter Sport

Already a great skier? Pass the skills along. Show someone how to participate in your favorite winter activity, whether its skiing, ice climbing, or photography.
Photo Credit: Visit Durango
Snow Volcano 6 - Spencer McKee - OutThere Colorado

11. Build a Snow Volcano

Anyone can build a snowman, but a snow volcano...that's next level. You'll need mentos, a shovel, some snow, and plenty of soda. Curious about how we got this shot. Here are the instructions to build your own: Click me!
Photo Credit: Spencer McKee, OutThere Colorado

12. Cast Your Fishing Line Beneath the Ice

Just because the water freezes doesn't mean you've got to stop fishing. There's a ton of places in Colorado that are perfect for drilling a hole and casting a line beneath the ice. Just make sure you're certain that the ice is thick enough to hold your weight before you start cutting.

13. Take Part in Local Holiday Traditions

There's constantly something to do during the holiday season in Colorado. One recommendation is to find a Christmas tree lighting celebration in a small town. Salida lights up an entire hillside with themed lights.
Photo Credit: @paul_freeman_kemp (Instagram)

14. Hit the Slopes in a Goofy Costume

How do you take a sport like skiing and make it even more fun? Get a little goofy while you're doing it. From onesies to beards to pink tutus, wearing a funny outfit is a great way to immediately ramp up your ski day. Just make sure you can safely ski in the costume.

15. Try a Completely New Snow Sport

Have you ever tried out a ski bike? We didn't think so. Whether it's this or something else, push yourself to try something completely new in the snow this season.
Photo Credit: @lenzsport (Instagram)
The Springs Resort and Spa - OutThere Colorado

16. Soak in a Hot Spring

Trying to do everything you want to this winter before the snow melts can get a little stressful. Don't forget to leave yourself some time to relax. Find one of Colorado's many hot springs. Two great places to start your search include Glenwood Springs and Pagosa Springs, which also happens to be home to the deepest hot spring in the world.
Photo Credit: Pagosa Hot Springs
Winter Park, Colorado - Photo Credit: Winter Park Resorts - OutThere Colorado

17. Catch a Winter Sunset

With shorter days and thick clouds, the winter season is one of the best times of the year to spot a great Colorado sunset. Don't blink though or you might miss it. These sunsets change quickly, meaning they don't last long.
Photo Credit: Winter Park Resorts

18. Find a Place to Watch Skijoring

A classic mountain town sport, skijoring combines skiing with horseback riding in a fast paced event during which a horse-pulled skier dodges cones, collects rings, and hits small jumps. One great place to catch it is in Silverton, Colorado.
Loveland Pass Summit OutThere Colorado

19. Take a Pass to the Continental Divide

If you're really wanting to spot a great winter view, headed to the top of a mountain pass that crosses the Continental Divide. Two great spots include Loveland Pass and Hoosier Pass.