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The Top 18 Colorado Must-Sees

By: Spencer McKee

It's hard to count the number of beautiful destinations in Colorado because it seems that you stumble upon a new one around every corner. In fact, we have over 8,000 destinations listed on our site alone, making it hard to narrow this "must-see" list down to just a few. That being said, there are some destinations that just stick out above the rest. Here are our top 18 Colorado destinations to visit.

Tomboy Pass Ghost Town Rob Lee OutThere Colorado
Tomboy Ghost Town

This ghost town high above Telluride was part of a network of mining communities that operated at high altitude. Many of the structures built here can still be seen today. Photo Credit: Rob Lee.
Longs Peak - Rocky Mountain National Park - OutThere Colorado
Longs Peak As the only 14er in Rocky Mountain National Park, Longs Peak is hard to miss during a visit. It’s also one of the more difficult 14ers to climb, with roughly half of those that set out for the summit failing. Photo Credit: Rocky Mountain National Park.
Trail Ridge Road Blue Sky OutThere Colorado
Trail Ridge Road

Trail Ridge Road is one of the most beautiful roads in Colorado and also the highest continuously paved road in the state. It connects Estes Park, on the eastern side of the park with Grand Lake, on the western edge of the park.
Winding Road up Pike's Peak summit OutThere Colorado
Pikes Peak Highway

One of the steepest roads in the state, the Pikes Peak Highway heads straight to the top of the 14,000-foot mountain outside of Colorado Springs. Make sure your brakes are in working order before making this drive.
Rifle Falls - OutThere Colorado.
Rifle Falls

A trio of waterfalls dropping 70-80 feet, Rifle Falls is a beautiful destination that’s easily accessible via a paved path. If you’re in the Glenwood Springs or Rifle area, it’s within driving distance for a day trip.
Boulder Flat Irons OutThere Colorado
The Boulder Flatirons

The most iconic rock formation in Boulder, Colorado, the Flatirons are a hot spot for hikers, trail runners, and climbers.
Million Dollar Highway
Million Dollar Highway

If you want the thrill of some white-knuckle driving, hunt down the Million Dollar Highway on a snowy day…or hit it during the summer for some of the best Colorado views you’ll ever see.
Roxborough State Park. Photo Credit: Thomas Shahan - OutThere Colorado.
Roxborough State Park

Just 45 minutes from Denver, Roxborough State Park is a great place to bring the whole family for a day of fun. Photo Credit: Thomas Shahan.
Eldorado Canyon Alyssa Wendt OutThere Colorado
Eldorado Canyon

Home to many beautiful rock outcroppings, Eldorado Canyon is a very attractive stop for rock climbers. Photo Credit: Alyssa Wendt
Zoe Hart Ouray Ice Festival 2011 Photo Credit Christian Murdock - OutThere Colorado
Ouray Ice Park

Only open during a few months of the year, head to Ouray Ice Park to see the sport of competitive ice climbing like you’ve never seen it before. Photo Credit: Christian Murdock.
Mesa Verde National Park

Home to more than 4,300 protected Ancestral Puebloan sites, the Mesa Verde National Park is the largest archaeological preserve in the country.
Picketwire Canyon Dinosaur Tracks - OutThere Colorado
Picketwire Canyon Dinosaur Tracks

Make sure you know the route before embarking on this trek. It’s a long one. That being said, you’ll find over 1,300 preserved dinosaur tracks along the way.
Colorado National Monument - OutThere Colorado
Colorado National Monument

If you’re visiting Colorado National Monument, one great way to soak in the best views is by driving along the scenic Rim Rock Drive.
Black Canyon of the Gunnison - OutThere Colorado.
Black Canyon of the Gunnison

This canyon is so deep and narrow that some parts of it only see sunlight for 33 minutes a day.
Dream Lake - OutThere Colorado
Dream Lake

For a unique view of Dream Lake, climb the nearby Hallett Peak, as seen towering over the left side of the lake in this image.
Garden of the Gods after a dusting of snow at sunrise. Photo Credit: RondaKimbrow (iStock).
Garden of the Gods

Close to downtown Colorado Springs, Garden of the Gods is regularly voted as one of the best public parks in the entire country.
Piney Lake - OutThere Colorado.
Piney Lake

Just 12 miles outside of Vail, Piney Lake is a favorite amongst hikers, horseback riders, and anglers.
Bridal Veil Falls - powerofforever - OutThere Colorado
Bridal Veil Falls

The tallest free-falling waterfall in the state, Telluride’s Bridal Veil Falls drops a whooping 365 feet. Photo Credit: powerofforever.

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