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Snapshots of Leadville, the Highest City in America

By: Spencer McKee

Known for holding the title of the "highest incorporated city in America," Leadville is one Colorado small town that's bursting with personality. From vibrant city streets to stunning scenery that stretches in every direction, this place is an outdoorsy person's paradise. Here are a few of our favorite snapshots from around the area, some original and some curated from the web.

Leadville - Chapin31 - OutThere Colorado

Welcome to Downtown Leadville

With bustling small town streets, plenty of restaurants, and some of the nicest people you'll find in the country, Leadville is one small Colorado town you can't miss.
Photo Credit: @Chapin31 (Instagram).

Sunrise in Leadville

If you wake up early during a visit to Leadville, there's a good chance you'll see something epic like this.
Photo Credit: Altitude10k (Flickr)

Outdoor Recreation is Never Far

One reason why the residents of Leadville love living there is the opportunity for outdoor recreation, whether it's hiking, kayaking, or climbing mountains.
Photo Credit:Altitude10k (Flickr)

Off-Roading in Leadville

The many high-altitude mountain roads make Leadville a popular place to do some off-roading. Just make sure you're prepared to encounter a little snow, regardless of the season.
Photo Credit: Altitude10k (Flickr)
Leadville, Colorado - @adventure_photo (Instagram) - OutThere Colorado

Nights in Leadville, Colorado

Thanks to a minimum amount of light pollution in the remote town of Leadville, you'll never see more stars than when you're camping on a clear night here.
Photo Credit: @adventure_photo (Instagram).

The Leadville-Lake County Airport

The airport found in Leadville is actually the highest in North America at an elevation of 9,927 feet.
Photo Credit:Nelson Minar (Flickr)

Training in Leadville

The high altitude of Leadville means the oxygen content in the air is lower. This means that athletes that train here are likely to perform better when they're competing at lower altitudes.
Photo Credit: @rypetry (Instagram)

Mining in Leadville

The town of Leadville was born in the Colorado mining heyday, quickly becoming one of the wildest towns in the West. Today, you'll see remnants of its booming past around the area.
Photo Credit: markbyzewski (Flickr)

Fall on Mount Elbert

While several 14ers can be found in the Leadville area, Mt. Elbert is the largest, reaching the highest point in the entire state at 14,439 feet. For an especially scenic climb, check it out while fall colors are in full bloom.
Photo Credit: Brent_1

Hiking in Leadville

Even just a simple hike in Leadville often turns into something epic.
Photo Credit: @carrot_flowers_z (Instagram)

Fall Colors in Leadville

As soon as autumn hits, Leadville adds even more color to its already colorful streets.
Photo Credit: Altitude10k (Flickr)
Leadville, Colorado - @trail_sisters Photo Credit @alpinefish43 (Instagram) - OutThere Colorado

High Altitude Training

Lots of ultra-runners like to train in Leadville because its high altitude means a much harder workout that you can't replicate elsewhere.
Photo Credit: @alpinefish43 (Instagram).

The Donkey Races of Leadville

During the Leadville Boom Days, people flock to celebrate the Old West, bringing things like gunslingers, mining skill contests, and even donkey races to the streets of Leadville.
Photo Credit: @marcelbatlle (Instagram)

Fremont Pass

Located close to Leadville at 11,318 feet above sea-level, Fremont Pass is where you'll find the continental divide between Lake County and Summit County.

Sunsets in Leadville

If you think you've seen a great sunset, just wait until you see a great sunset at 10,000 feet above sea-level.
Photo Credit: Altitude10k (Flickr)

Downtown Leadville

Aging buildings set the tone of Leadville's downtown: quaint, peaceful, and historic.
Photo Credit: eliduke (Flickr)

Sunrise at Turquoise Lake

If you wake up early in Leadville, you're often rewarded with a beautiful sunrise. One of the best places to catch it is at Turquoise Lake.
Twin Lakes Autumn Reflection OutThere Colorado

Twin Lakes

At an elevation of 9,200 feet, Twin Lakes is one of the highest large mountain lakes in the country.

Moody Leadville

When the clouds roll over Leadville, it paints the already dramatic scenery with even more texture.
Photo Credit: @cades__ (Instagram)

Rainbows over Leadville

Thanks to the quickly changing weather and lush nature of Leadville, rainbows are a common sight during the rainy season.
Photo Credit: @shane.ballou (Instagram)

The Colorado Trail

Stretching 486 miles, the Colorado Trail makes a pass close to Leadville, Colorado.
Photo Credit:@scotty.hayden (Instagram)

The Malta Schoolhouse

Built in 1902 to replace a school that burned to the ground, the Malta Schoolhouse housed Leadville students until 1945. It's west of town, overlooking the two highest mountain peaks in Colorado
Leadville, Colorado - @mr._ford (Instagram) - OutThere Colorado

Photography in Leadville

With many abandoned mining buildings and tunnels in the area, there's plenty of opportunity for a dramatic shot. Throw beautiful scenery into the mix and you've got a photographer's dream.
Photo Credit: @mr._ford (Instagram)

Mosquito Pass Near Leadville

One popular off-roading trail in the Leadville area is Mosquito Pass, known for delivering many beautiful views along the route.
Photo Credit: marekullasz

Looming Mount Massive

The second highest point in the state by only a few feet, Mount Massive casts its shadow over Leadville.
Photo Credit: dherrera_96 (Flickr)
Twin lakes colorado sunset of amazing colors of alpine glow RoschetzkyIstockPhoto OutThere Colorado

Sunset Over Twin Lakes

One popular destination that's close to Leadville is Twin Lakes, offering a great spot for water-based recreation activities.
Photo Credit: RoschetzkyIstockPhoto

The Mountains of Leadville

Set in one of the most scenic parts of the country, mountains are never far in Leadville.
Photo Credit: @benerhard (Instagram)
Colorado's Settlers Home - OutThere Colorado

Leadville's Old West Past

Remnants of Leadville's past can still be seen around the area in the form of old houses, old mining structures, and abandoned equipment from the past.
Leadville, Colorado - @orianderson (Instagram) - OutThere Colorado

Skijoring in Leadville

While some might find this sport a little strange, skijoring means pulling a skier behind a horse over ramps and obstacles. There's an annual skijoring competition in Leadville each year.
Photo Credit: @orianderson (Instagram).

The Mineral Belt Trail

At 11.6 miles, this ADA accessible biking and hiking route is one of the most popular routes in the Leadville area, traveling through the town's historic mining district.
Photo Credit: Altitude10k (Flickr)

Storms in Leadville

Located at such a high altitude, afternoon storms are quite common in Leadville during the warmer months of the year.
Photo Credit: @jpalinlp (Instagram)

Camping in Leadville

Because Leadville is surrounded by public lands, there are plenty of opportunities to camp for free in the area, making this a popular summer past time for locals and visitors, alike.
Photo Credit:@annaspickard (Instagram)
Leadville Colorado - @laurenhynes - OutThere Colorado

Exploring in Leadville

Whether you're looking for a mountain, a lake, or a stream, it's never hard to find the terrain you're craving in Leadville, Colorado.
Photo Credit: @laurenhynes.
The Tabor Opera House in Leadville, Colorado - OutThere Colorado

The Tabor Opera House

The Tabor Opera House was built in 1879 by Horace Austin Warner Tabor. If you're walking around Leadville, it's hard to miss.
Photo Credit: Lake County

The Fourth of July in Leadville

The 4th of July celebration in Leadville isn't the largest, but it's definitely got one of the most vibrant personalities. What better place to celebrate the 4th of July than a place that was once part of America's Wild West?
Photo Credit: Chapin31

Leadville Love

As you can see, the residents of Leadville love their lives at 10,200 feet.
Photo Credit: @spronklivestream (Instagram)

The Mountain Goats of Leadville

If you're hiking in the Leadville area, look forward to seeing a few mountain goats. At times, it can seem like they're everywhere in the surrounding backcountry.

Mount Massive Golf Course

Looking for a quick way to improve your golf swing? Leadville's high altitude means that your ball will travel farther with the same stroke.
Photo Credit: @wildbillhenry_ (Instagram)