While many tourists headed to Colorado turn their sights toward places like Denver, Vail, and Aspen, some of the best outdoor recreation can be found in lesser-known small towns around the state – often at half the price. Here's a list of towns that often get overlooked as overnight stays even though a trip to one of these spots can be perfect for an outdoorsy weekend getaway.

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Spencer McKee manages the OutThere Colorado digital publication as the Director of Content and Operations. He also writes about outdoor recreation, travel news, and more. In his spare time, he loves to rock climb, trail run, and mountain bike.

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Woodland Park? Nice town but the weekend traffic is ALREADY brutal. I wouldn't consider it small either.....merely a convenience for supplies for us mountain folk. I tend to avoid it as much as possible.


Ridgway, Colorado does have excellent places to eat. However, the restaurant that is pictured, The Outlaw Restaurant is located in Ouray, not Ridgway.


Great list - we invite you to visit the most remote county/town in the lower 48 - Hinsdale County and Lake City, Colorado! Definitely an overlooked and must visit place!


You forgot DURANGO


Ssshhhh! We're already overcrouded with tourists!


YES to Sonny08. The last thing we need is MORE tourists, especially TX ones from hotspots spreading their germs. You know, the ones who won't wear masks? The ones who won't shut off their loud, stinky diesel trucks while they play with their phones? Ya those ones.

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