Raging spring weather has rolled into Colorado, bringing the chance of funnel clouds, landspout tornadoes, strong winds, and hail with it to parts of the state.

The National Weather Service has warned that funnel clouds and land spout tornadoes are possible in the area east of Denver, stretching from parts of the Castle Rock area to Kiowa and north toward Fort Morgan until 6 PM on Monday. Additional warnings exist for much of the eastern part of the state (Read about those warnings, including hail, below).

Landspout tornadoes are a type of tornado that is classified differently based on what requirements exist for it to form. They typically aren’t very damaging. Read more about them here.

In another tweet, the National Weather Service has warned that much of the eastern half of the state should be on the lookout for severe weather until 9 PM, with lime-sized hail and wind gusts of up to 70 miles per hour possible. At the time of the tweet, the warning was in effect until 9 PM Monday night. See the impacted area below.

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