Following a winter of big snowfall, snowmelt now becomes a potential problem in Colorado with flood warnings and flood watches being issued around the state.

The most at-risk areas include Del Norte, South Fork, Creede, Wagon Wheel Gap, and Wolf Creek Pass, according to the National Weather Service, with parts of Saguache and Mineral Counties under flood warning.

The National Weather Service advises drivers to avoid flooded roads, stating that most flooding deaths occur when people become trapped in vehicles. Their advisory also states that river banks should be avoided, as the dirt can become unstable during periods of increased water flow.

Flood risk also exists in Pueblo County and in Conejos County, according to the Colorado Water Conversation Board. See these areas depicted on the map below:

Severe weather around the state is expected to ramp up near the end of the week and during the weekend.

Here’s some advice for staying safe this flood season:

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