In the midst of a downpour, a flash flood warning has been issued in El Paso County. According to Doppler radar, thunderstorms are covering much of the area. An estimation of 1.5 inches of rain has already fallen with flash floods expected to start shortly. Towns listed in the warning include Colorado Springs, Manitou Springs, Monument, Black Forest, Cimarron Hills, Stratmoor, Gleneagle, and the Air Force Academy.

While the warning is in effect until 5:45 PM, be aware that it may extend depending on the weather over the course of the next few hours. Check this link for the most up-to-date information. Thunderstorms, rainfall, and hail have been projected to occur at various times throughout the weekend.

Large hail and copious amounts of lightning has been reported on the north end of Colorado Springs, especially in spots of higher elevation. If you’re in the effected area, avoid creeks, streams, and drainage. Be aware of standing water while driving to prevent dangerous hydroplaning.

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