Stargazers, get ready for the fireballs of November.

The Northern Taurids meteor shower, known for lighting up the mountain sky with brightly colored fireballs, is expected to peak late Monday evening into early Tuesday morning (November 11-12). The moon will be 100% full, which could obstruct peak viewing.

Regardless of the moonlight, it will still be a spectacular show, as both the Northern and Southern Taurids grace the skies this month.

It’s going to be an exciting evening for skywatchers and meteors aren’t the only spectacle to see. Monday evening is your chance to witness a rare astronomical event, as Mercury appears as a tiny black dot dancing across the face of the sun. Please note, proper solar eye protection and magnification are required for viewing the transit.

Find a cozy spot, bundle up, and catch the fireballs at their peak!



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