Ski season is (nearly) here in Colorado, and for snowsports enthusiasts, that means it’s time to think about your gear. And it’s no secret that winter gear is expensive—snow-riding equipment and cold-weather clothing can run up a huge price tag. Luckily, we’ve put together some expert advice on how and where to find deals and discounts on the ski and snowboard gear that will help you have an awesome time on the hill this winter season.

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1. Do a gear inventory

Think about what worked for you last season and what didn’t. Trouble seeing in the snow? Maybe it’s time for new goggles. Cold fingers? New gloves. Skis not quite wide enough to keep up with deep powder? And go for the gear that will keep you warm on the coldest days in January. After all, all you really need for spring skiing is a worn pair of jeans.

2. Gear swaps

Resort towns are full of skiers and snowboarders who tend to go through gear pretty quickly. You can often find them pawning last year’s skis at one of the many ski swaps around Colorado. Local retailers often use these swaps to get rid of last year’s models at deep discounts too. Also, the profits from these swaps often benefit local ski kids’ teams.

3. Other affordable options

If you didn’t find what you wanted or couldn’t make it to a swap, there are still other options for affordable gear. There are used gear stores around Colorado, where people sell their gear on consignment as well as last year’s models.

If all else fails, many ski and outdoors gear shops will sell last year’s rentals and unsold skis at a deep discount in the fall, so visit your favorite store to see what they have.

If you don’t mind not trying it out first, websites like Backcountry and Sierra Trading Post also offer great deals on gear.

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