The poaching problem continues to cause problems in Colorado, this time involving a man that illegally hunted and killed a mountain lion before selling the carcass.

Evergreen resident Andrew Pashley, 35, has plead guilty to the unlawful sale of a mountain lion, considered “big game” in Colorado. It’s designation as “big game” makes his sale a class 6 felony. As a result, Pashley received two years of probation and is no longer allowed to hunt or possess a firearm.

Pashley was already suspected of operating an unlicensed outfitting business when this crime occurred. Authorities caught onto this incident of poaching when a hunter who claimed to be with Pashley when the lion was killed presented the lion for a mandatory inspection by Colorado Parks and Wildlife in January 2017. This raised questions about where and how the mountain lion was killed which prompted a deeper investigation.

While hunting mountain lions in Colorado isn’t illegal, it does require a permit. These permits can be hard to come by, with just 677 mountain lion tags being given out for the entire hunting season this year. Only 150 of those have been claimed. Some years, the number of tags available is much higher – 2,374 tags were sold over-the-counter last year.

Mountain lions can be appealing targets for hunters due to the challenge that comes with finding one. Often times, dogs are used to aid in the capture of the cat.

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