Sasquatch Sighting Photo Credit: RichVintage (iStock).

Photo Credit: RichVintage (iStock).

Whether or not a large bi-pedal creature covered in fur is wandering around Colorado's wilderness has long been a topic of debate among some. After all, dozens of sightings have been reported around the Centennial State over the years, including a 2019 sighting in Summit County.

The clip below contains 8mm footage of 'Bigfoot' that was shot in 1962 by Alfred Bouvier while on a Boy Scout trip in Colorado. It's often considered by Bigfoot believers to be the first-ever recording of this mysterious creature, though some doubt its legitimacy.

A troop leader at the time and father of one of the scouts, Bouvier captured the recording of a creature as it moved across a snowy mountain in the distance. At one point in the video, the creature stops and stares directly at the camera.

The sighting took place in the remote Rawah Wilderness, which is found on the southern end of the Medicine Bow Mountain Range near Fort Collins. The troop had hiked approximately 12 miles to set up camp at about 8,000 feet shortly before the sighting occurred.

View the clip that discusses the footage from Animal Planet's 'Finding Bigfoot' below:

The footage featured in the clip above wasn't publicly released until several decades after it was shot, though the son of the videographer has claimed that its authenticity as a single piece of footage has been verified.

If the footage is real, this possible sighting occurred 5 years prior to the one featured in the highly publicized Patterson-Gimlin film.

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In 1976 my wife-to-be and I were hiking in the Mount ZIirkle Wilderness area. Our tent was next to a large sand bar by a creek. When we returned to our tent one afternoon, we found a number of willows broken down about ten yards from our tent. We knew they were intact when we had left the tent. In the middle of the sand bar was a single bare foot human-like print. No other footprints. No other disruption to the sand. It was at least ten foot to each side of the sand bar. Impossible for someone to "make a fake print in the sand". I've spent a lot of my life hurting and hiking/camping in the back country. I have never seen any other evidence of a Bigfoot in 55 years...but, we know what we saw.


I believe Bigfoot is out there

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