Laura Klein’s cat was stealing the show. And it was her own fault.

Quickly after adopting her cat Remy in October, Klein started posting pictures of her furry friend on Instagram. Before Remy entered the picture, the Denver art teacher and artist used her Instagram profile to share her artwork, including pet portraits and handmade ceramic trolls.

Her followers didn’t seem to love the cat content, even though it showed Remy tagging along for hikes and occasionally wearing a beanie. Klein noticed she lost a thousand followers.

“I realized not everyone wants to see 30 pictures of my cat every day,” she said.

So she made a new Instagram account just for Remy. There, Klein chronicles her activities with her “adventure kitty.”

Getting Remy was a “compromise” between Klein, who really wanted a dog, and her fiance, Kevin, who wanted a cat. They ended up with a 16-pound, 2-year-old gray cat that sort of acts like a dog. And even though Remy is Klein’s first cat, she fell in love.

When the rescue group found Remy, his fur was matted and covered in burs. Klein figures life as a stray led Remy to always want to be outside. That’s something the couple noticed right away after bringing Remy home.

“I wanted to find some way for him to get that outlet,” Klein said.

She ordered a harness and started with walks around the neighborhood. Then they took it up a notch, bringing Remy along on adventures around Colorado, including a trip to Buena Vista and hikes at Red Rocks Amphitheatre.

Remy either rides in Klein’s backpacking bag with his head sticking out or he hikes with his pet parents.

Hikers are used to seeing adventurous pups on the trail, but cat sightings are more rare.

“I’ve lived in Colorado for eight years and I’ve never seen a cat on a hike,” Klein said

So Remy tends to turn some heads.

“I definitely get some strange looks on the trail,” Klein said. “People just kind of do a double take.”

Remy isn’t the only cat that’s up for exploring. The website Adventure Cats is a resource for “outdoorsy cat lovers” and chronicles the adventures of felines around the country. It also posts advice for such adventures, including tips for RVing with a cat and training a cat to walk with a leash.

Klein will probably use some of that advice as she aims to take Remy on backpacking and car camping trips.

“My goal is to not make it stressful for him,” she said. “I want him to keep having fun.”

Remy certainly seems to enjoy his outdoorsy excursions, which serve as breaks from sleeping up to 20 hours a day.

“He does love being along for the ride,” Klein said. “And it makes it more fun for us, too. Having him around is like a mood lifter.”

Remy will be around for another adventure: Klein plans on incorporating her cat into her upcoming wedding.

“I feel like I’m part of this new crazy cat lady club,” she said. “We’re just obsessed with him.”


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Mavis Bumpy

This is the most awesome cat I have ever seen!

When I see this cat I feel like I need to make myself seem more cool to impress him!

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