8 Reasons no one should want to move to Colorado

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Colorado gets a lot of hype and most of it is well-deserved. There’s no doubt about it, Colorado is an amazing place to live. The Centennial State is filled with beautiful scenery, unmatched outdoor recreation opportunities, and more delicious craft beer than you could try in a lifetime. That being said, a few aspects of Colorado aren’t too great. Here’s a short list of reasons why no one should want to live in Colorado.

1. Insane weather

I could tell you all about how crazy the weather is in Colorado, but instead, I’ll simply list a few news stories from the past year that show off how wild Colorado weather can be: Bombcyclone strands 1,000+ drivers; Vehicles engulfed by avalanche on interstate; Drought 2nd worst in 124 years; High-altitude tornado destroys multiple homes; Mudslide closes I-70 exit; 16 inches of hail shuts down state park; Flooding prompts evacuation of homes; Lightning strikes multiple people at climbing area.

Yep…the weather here is pretty crazy. From costing big bucks to a  real risk of bodily harm, you’ve got to be pretty tough to live in the Centennial State.

2. It’s getting expensive

As Colorado continues to grow, the cost of living seems to be on the rise in every aspect. In 2018, a report stated that a $100,200 salary is needed to purchase the “average” Colorado home. Average rent in Colorado is $1,305 for a two-bedroom apartment – $130 more than the national median. Even food costs tend to be higher in Colorado. While the national average monthly spend on food is $323.72, Denver residents spend $337.09 and Colorado Springs residents spend $348.53.

Thankfully, there are plenty of free things to do around the state, but it’s hard to ignore how expensive things are getting when the wallet does come out.

3. Bad drivers

It doesn’t take long in Colorado to realize that Centennial State drivers aren’t quite up to par. In fact, Colorado drivers rank 6th worst among the states, largely due to “failure to obey” driving rules. There are a number of theories regarding why it’s such a pain to travel in Colorado, but a few include dangerous roads, lots of out-of-towners, and wild weather. Don’t even get me started on merging…

4. Overcrowding on the trails

In the five years that I’ve called Colorado Springs home, I’ve witnessed a noticeable uptick in the number of people encountered on the local trails. Routes where I used to pass one or two hikers now seem to attract dozens. Parking at the trailhead never used to be an issue – now it is. More and more spots around the state are requiring advanced reservations to camp and utilizing pay-to-play approaches in attempt to cope with a flood of humans entering the outdoor recreation space.

I’m all for access to the outdoors and I deeply believe that a number of benefits come with larger numbers of people outside, from a louder political voice that can be used to protect the outdoor space to the growth of Colorado’s economy. That being said, increased crowds on the trails also means a bigger need for education about safety and responsible use. The overcrowding can also dampen the serenity that is often sought when entering the great outdoors.

5. Tight job market

There’s a ton of economic growth in Colorado, which means a ton of new jobs. However, there’s also a massive wave of people moving to Colorado ( 80,000 in a single year) to fill those jobs. The job market also seems to be slowing in key parts of the state, including Denver, which ranks 32nd of 51 among the country’s largest metros when it comes to job growth.

Granted, Colorado’s unemployment rate is tied with a historic low. However, this is also coupled with the fact that jobs were added to the state at the slowest rate since 2011 during the first half of 2019. When it comes to the job market in Colorado, a lot of talent seems to be competing for the best jobs.

6. Lack of food culture

The dish Colorado is best known for consists of deep fried bull testicles. I could end this point with that statement, but I’ll go on.

If you’re not in Denver, you’ll have a hard time finding restaurants on the cutting edge of the dining industry. If Colorado should be known for anything cuisine related, it’s probably the fast casual restaurant genre with places like Chipotle, Quiznos, Noodles & Co., Garbanzo, and Smashburger getting their start in the Centennial State. So there you have it, Colorado’s best food innovation is a step above fast food. Not the worst case scenario, but it could be better.

7. Tons of tourists

Ample tourism is a bit of a double-edged sword. While the 86 million people that visit Colorado annually bring a ton of money into the state, this hoard also adds to excessive crowding on the roads, on the trails, and at the resorts. It also likely contributes to increased dining costs in some parts of the state.

Plus, most tourists tend to drive extremely slow on mountain roads. I’m not saying anyone should be speeding or driving recklessly, but if you’re moving slow and notice a line of cars behind you, pull over and let them pass.

8. It’s painfully dry

Most of Colorado’s population essentially lives in a desert climate. Your skin and lips will crack. Wildfire risk is massive. Water-use restrictions are becoming more common. You’ll get bloody noses. Good luck growing a garden. Dust storm warnings are a thing. Oh, and the desert climate means a massive temperature drop come nightfall. Good luck.

In conclusion

There you have it – eight reasons why you should never want to live in Colorado. Colorado life definitely has its perks, but it’s not all sunshine and powder days. Personally, I love my life in Colorado, but it’s definitely not a place for everyone.

Do you agree with this list? Did we miss something? Let us know in the comments.

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Spencer McKee is OutThere Colorado's Director of Content and Operations. In his spare time, Spencer loves to hike, rock climb, and trail run.


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"Don't get me started on merging"... 😂😂😂 For reals though. Drives me crazy!!! Yes, pay all the things about why NOT to move here instead of saying it's a Top 10 places to live. We're getting crowded out here. Been here since 1997. The weather is seriously Jekyll and Hyde. ✌🏻


I definitely agree. It looks like a lot of locals can't handle the traffic due to the growth of Colorado, and ity definitely hard to find good dinning. I'm just looking for somebody to please tell me why housing and renting is costing so much, because I'm tired of the locals telling me it's because Colorado became a legal weed state.


If you think Colorado is all chain restaurants than you haven't got out of Highlands Ranch. There a lot of good restaurants if you know where to go. Try getting out of the burbs once in a while.


Yes colorado used to be cool sorry you all missed it. We have great memories and reminisce frequently about them. Now it's over ridden like goats through a field. You came you destroyed . My absolutely fav is hearing people complain about how long they have to wait for light rail. Then I tell them it's relatively new and not too long ago we didn't need alternative transportation. Welcome! Now enjoy your torn up landscape. Smiles


The article about Colorado is NOT accurate.

Spent 2I years in the Military moving around,Colorado is on my top list.

Clearly the person who wrote the article doesn't get out much.

Try the horrible weather,humidity,prices and one of the worst places jul ever been is for bad road rage drivers. Not to men tion the Crime.


Colorado is just ok but to me, I love Oregon which has the beautiful mountains, beautiful coast and friendly people. I'm only here because My Wifes daughter moved here. I love nature, mountains but miss the beaches and and great weather, which is not here in Colorado. If I had my way, I'd be in Southern Oregon where I lived for 15 years of heaven. But I will try to make the most of it even with the unfriendly people and crazy drivers. I've never been in an accident in either Calif or Oregon but can see it happening here. I'm a Senior and just want a simple life which is not here. Food costs more here, auto insurance is alot higher etc. Just remember, the majority of the veggies and fruits are from Calif. Oh well, I'm here and will try to make the most of it. I'm a native Californian, so please don't say that all Californians are bad as most of the people who live in Calif are not from Calif. Just remember that when you say you don't want us to move here. Most true Californians are good people. We are not all Bad as you say. I wished people would stay of California but you know many would rather live there than where they are from. Native Californians are few and far between and because of those that moved there but I don't hate them. Anyhow I will respect Colorado and make the most of it. I am friendly, courteous but I get offended when Colorado folks trash My Native State. It is not a bad place to live and has the best weather in the country. The West is the Best!


What a BS article. Moved to CO recently and absolutely love it. Yes, people are moving here for good reason. Don't let these "locals" deter you. And if you do move here, please respect the land and the people... And keep Colorado beautiful 😊


plz go away out of staters and go on hikes in your state but stay out of ours.


Came to Colorado in 1972. Salaries were always lower than any other major city and the cost of living high, compareably. If you want to ski you most likely will fight stop and go traffic to get there and when you get there it is usually crowded on the mountain. With the introduction of the snowboard 15 years ago, you have skiers traveling relatively straight down the hill and snowboarders going back and forth, you need to look around constantly when you are on the hill or you'll get hit by one or the other.


My son moved here from California. In 2017..

In the two years hes been here it seems like the population has tripled. Roads widening, houses being built everywhere and the beast. The I70 heading into the rockies from Denver on fridat afternoon is a 20 mile backup. Few good restaurants and a huge discrepancy in women to men ratio. I guess if youre a woman thats great. Hes headed to flagstaff while hes young and mobile. The east slope is a big disappointment for culture. The mountain communities are beautiful however.


I’m was recently driving down a mountain pass road and the individual in front of me is driving 5mph and braking on each and every turn. There were dozens of spots for her to pull off, however, she ignored the opportunity to pull over as there were 20 cars piling up behind us. At the bottom of the hill, when we were able to finally her, she flips us the bird and tailgated us all the way to town. Insanity! Stay home and take your meds if you can’t drive in the mountains! Or just stay home period!


We have lived here since January 2018 and will be moving after the covid-19 crisis. The article is accurate and more so. Being from Arizona, the weather is hard to take with its ups and downs and the article didn't mention the wind! There is no food culture and the locals are clicky. There is are no local events worth attending and the small town is quite boring. My hubby has been in an accident where someone rear-ended him going 45 miles an hour on a residential street and they received a reckless driving ticket. It is all perception and what you're used to and what you want. For us it did not measure up to the hype.


We have lived here since January 2018 and have plans to move as soon as the Covida crisis is in control. Colorado Springs has everything that the article says that it is and more. We have found it clicky with people who may have never been out of Colorado Springs aka the locals. Being from Arizona, the weather is extremely hard to take. The altitude is something else! 300 days of blue skies is a myth that Colorado promotes and let me tell you about the wind, it feels like Kansas. There is zero food culture and zero activities worth attending. We moved here for family and thought we would be able to adapt, but we're going to have to leave and just visit family. It was one of our worst decisions we've made.


Colorado is a beautiful place. The mountains are beautifull and amazing to go for a camping trip, or even staying in a hotel. If you can't handle the things that make colorado unique then that's your opinion. But others really like the place and wouldn't want to live anywhere else.


Hello all. I am from AZ - born and raised. I'm highly considering moving to CO and have been considering it for awhile now. I would certainly not move to CO with the intentions or the carelessness of the folks (out-of-staters) you speak of. However, it's interesting how the folks saying, "We locals" are approaching this. I am here to remind people that we are all on stolen land. This land, this country, is stolen. So, when you speak of "locals", I hope you are including the Indigenous folks whose land you're occupying, as well as considering how Indigenous communities felt when white people came thru and facilitated mass genocide and desecration. Thank you. That is all.


You should definitely move to Colorado, its beautiful. Don't let others influence you to change your mind, move if you want to and decide for yourself if you want to stay


No stay away, way to many people and in order to go on a decent hike you have to get there at 5am


And what do you do to repay those whose land you stole. The entire planet belonged to different people at different times. ALL OF IT!!

So get over your self righteousness and either start giving your paycheck to those you stole from or get on with life. Whats done is done, your rear view mirror mentality isnt helping anybody.


My family and I are considering moving to Colorado next year. My husband was stationed at Fort Carson from 1979-1984 and our Daughter was born there and we loved it and we have vacationed there multiple times and if you all think Colorado is bad, try living in Philadelphia, PA! My Mom used to call Philadelphia “Filthadelphia”, and as far as calling Philadelphia “The city of brotherly love”, yeah right, more like “City of chaos and hate” and there is a section of Philadelphia called Kensington, that part of Philadelphia where so many out-of-staters come for their heroin addiction kick! And Colorado may be dry, try living through the summer here in Philadelphia where it is high heat and high humidity where the humidity is higher than the heat and it feels like you are wearing a scarf around your neck and feel like you are wearing a winter coat! And we have bad drivers here and the rent is out-of-control here also!


1.) The weather has improved over the course of my 38 year life in my home.

2.) My two story, two bedroom two bathroom apartment was $700 per month in 2007. Current estimate $1,900 due to our new affluent residents moving here in droves.

3.) Colorado preaches courtesy in driving school, which makes insurance more affordable. 49 other states worth of selfish habits later and yeah, it's gotten bad. Wasn't like that 12 years ago.

4.) Don't worry, the new residents only hike far enough for a "look, Facebook! Nature" photo before going back home.

5.) We leveled off before the recreational use law passed.

6.) Yeah, because new residents drove small business owners to close and go homeless, if not leave entirely.

Tons, and they won't go home. Four years of vacation must be luxurious.

8.) People outweigh the drinking water balance. It's not a natural occurrence.

9.) We locals, who fought tooth and nail for a progressive lifestyle are being forced out of the only home we've ever known, so we're a bit salty a lot of the time. Don't judge us. All these angry people moving here don't like us and they let us know, so we're starting to get sensitive. Check out the ghost towns if you think city locals are upset, and enjoy the beef. Tell your friends about colorful Colorado!


Traffic jams high crime tarantulas, severe weather so many other places.. you can have it.


Too many people... you didn't mention the crime rate and traffic jams... there are many other places that are way nicer


I agrree colordao sucks...go away do not come and only visit for a few days but not the rest of your life PLZ and thankyou


All you out-of-staters have RUINED Colorado! Please go home! and make your own state cool!


Yes, it's terrible residing in Colorado. Don't move here.


I agree. It’s horrible. Why anyone would live here I don’t know. Please stay away. Just visit every once in a while. 😎


Here in Calif. Weve been saying that for 40 years. Get use to it. Those that moved here and trashed it up, are now migrating back to your state. In 20 years all you will say is " I remember when all this was just rolling hills" Theres a price to pay for open borders and plastering picks on facebook.

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