UFO Illustration (Photo) Credit ktsimage (iStock)

UFO Illustration; File image. Photo Credit: ktsimage (iStock)

On a 1995 summer day in Salida, Colorado, Tim Edwards was brought outside by his 6-year-old daughter who spotted something unusual in the sky above their home.

Edwards grabbed a video recorder and began to tape what they saw — a tube-like object hovering in the sky. The oblong aircraft seemed to jolt around the sky, then suddenly become stationary unlike any aircraft at the time.

Colorado is known to be a hotspot for unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial experiences, most specifically within the state’s San Luis Valley, just south of Salida.

In the 1995 video, Edwards makes an effort to film from the shadows of his home in order to focus the camera on the flying object near the sun. Edwards’ daughter explains how the aircraft grows longer, then retracts, and grow longer again while flashes of light seem to move vertically across the aircraft. A mysterious ball-shaped object can also be seen in the video that seems to dance around the flying object.

The video captures nearly 7 minutes of the object in the sky, capturing sounds of other aircraft flying over, although no sounds seem to be coming from the UFO.

In a National Geographic series, “Chasing UFOs,” the father and daughter recount the experience years later. Experts on the show call the 1995 video “one of the most compelling” they’ve ever seen.

Edwards’ video appeared on many news and television programs nationwide, including “Sightings” and “Paranormal Borderline.” Numerous hours of research were devoted to his sighting. Edwards passed away in 2008, but the experience he caught on tape that August morning remains a highlighted discussion among the UFO research community.

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