Residing in a state filled with natural beauty, wild weather, and more mountains than can be counted (kind of), Coloradans can be easy to spot. After all, they're generally beaming with state pride.

Here are 10 ways that Coloradans show off their Colorado-ness without knowing it.

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Spencer McKee is OutThere Colorado's Director of Content and Operations. In his spare time, Spencer loves to hike, rock climb, and trail run.

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I agree with all but number 2. I am a Colorado Native and I do not wera sandals or flip flops in the winter or in the mountains. I am not a stupid person. The shorts started with high school kids and most adults do not wear them in cold weather. It's the transplants that do that, thinking it makes them natives.


I have all those things and do all those things and I just want to live in Colorado .. Ready to move from the flat lands.


Cute article. I'm a fourth generation Coloradoan and I don't do any of those things. But it's really fun to read what others might do. 😊


I'm also 4th generation native, and don't do any of these things. I think it's a list of what people do that have moved here lol. Darn out of staters [wink]


You forgot the Audi allroad. 🤣


I definitely do the last one. I have a serious addiction to the Colorado outdoors.

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