Cascading waterfalls over granite rocks. An 11,000-pound hydraulic glass door engineered to open outward at 90 degrees. Three hundred amphitheater-style seats, both indoors and out, that wrap around a freshwater pond and allow occupants to gaze upon the Rocky Mountains…

These are some of the features of the brand-new “Pavilion Amphitheater” at the Stanley Hotel, the historic lodge in Estes Park that famously inspired Stephen King’s The Shining.

The $10 million performance space is the latest offering from the Stanley’s owner, John Cullen, who has expanded the legendary hotel into something of a cultural hub in Estes Park, drawing musicians, writers and performers.

“The Pavilion Amphitheater is a bridge between our entertainment past and future. We’re building on 109 years of cultural heritage and creating a space for the next generation of artists and audiences to connect,” says Reed Rowley, vice president of Cullen’s management company.

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