Stretching 318 miles across mostly flat, relatively barren land, US Route 385 travels from the Oklahoma state line to the Nebraska state line and has recently been deemed the “quietest road in Colorado.”

As you’ll notice on the map below, this route is quite straight and flat for huge stretches of travel, taking more than five hours to drive the Colorado portion from end to end. It travels along the state’s eastern border with Kansas, which is mostly farmland.

US 385
The route of US 385. Media credit: @2018 Google Maps (screenshot).

A distance from major population centers and many tourist attractions, US Route 385 is one of the least trafficked highways in the state. Aside from passing through small towns periodically, there’s not much on the route. That being said, there are a few points of interest nearby.

Head to La Junta for a chance to hike to real dinosaur tracks. Stop by the Two Buttes Reservoir as you’re passing through the southeast portion of the drive. For a dose of history, depart from the route briefly to see Old Bent’s Fort. As you’re finishing the drive, stop by Pawnee Buttes to stretch your legs.

Another great activity on this route is to simply stop and camp. Low traffic in the area and lack of light pollution will give you a great light show in the night sky.

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