Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) fosters sustainability, health, and community engagement in urban areas. By joining Colorado CSAs or Colorado farm shares people opt into eating seasonal, locally grown, pesticide-free produce from June through October (Colorado’s growing season), and by doing so they support local farmers, reduce environmental impacts, and get nutritious food in return. Besides the food, CSA’s provide a place to meet friends and learn about farming in Colorado—takeaways that last a lifetime. And, members can receive discounts on their produce by volunteering at the farm. So, next time June rolls around, up your vegetable and earth-loving game by joining one of these Front Range Colorado farm shares.

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1. Farm Yard CSA – Denver

This co-op streamlines fresh produce from neighborhood plots straight to your plate. Purchase your share of organic vegetables from June through October and volunteer to learn more about growing food in Colorado. Distribution happens weekly in Denver’s Wash Park neighborhood. Click here for more info!


Shares and Costs:

  • Full share – $450
  • Half share – $275
  • Fruit share (Aug – Oct) – Inquire for details


Fall produce - Pierre Desrosiers - iStock - OutThere Colorado
Fall is the best time for squash and hearty produce. Photo Credit: Pierre Desrosiers (iStock).


2. GoFarm Local Food Shares – Golden

GoFarm receives its vegetables from a collection of farmers devoted to transforming wasted lawn space into rich produce gardens. It has a mission to increase access to healthy, affordable, local food in the greater Golden area. Click here for more info!

Shares and Costs:

  • Full Share – $412
  • Half Share – $247
  • Produce Plus – $618
  • Fruit – $154
  • Eggs – $130



3. Happy Heart Farm – Fort Collins

Known as Colorado’s first CSA, Happy Heart Farms cultivates a sustainable eating culture in Fort Collins while emphasizing relationships within the community. Join for the food, education, yoga, meditation, retreats, gatherings, dinners—whatever you’re looking for, Happy Heart has it. Click here for more info!


Shares and Costs:

  • Full – $575 ($300 working member)
  • Half – $315
  • Fruit – $175
  • Eggs – $105
  • Berries – $95
  • Mushrooms –  $80

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4. Ahavah Farm – Colorado Springs

Ahavah, meaning “love” in Hebrew, uses regenerative agriculture practices such as carbon-farming, deep-mulches, row covers and drip lines, 100% renewable energy, and biodiversity practices to produce the healthiest food with the smallest environmental impact. Plus, they offer classes in soil management, water conservation, beekeeping, and sustainability. Keep an eye out for their Winter CSA program as well. Click here for more info!



Shares and Costs:

  • Family – $580
  • Couple – $325
  • Single – $215
  • Egg – $120


Organic produce - kcline - iStock - OutThere Colorado
Photo Credit: kcline (iStock).

5. Red Wagon Farm – Boulder

Red Wagon Farm, one of the best Front Range Colorado farm shares, grows local food for local people. They try new varieties every season and have a wide range of share options, including beef. Become a member for affordable, nutritious produce from a farm that focuses on putting money back into the local community. Click here for more info!


Shares and Costs:

  • Family (4-6 people) – $1017
  • Regular (2-4 people) – $700
  • Bi-weekly – $365
  • Fruit – $165
  • Fair Trade Coffee – $160
  • Eggs – $161
  • Mushrooms – $318
  • Beef – Inquire for pricing

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