On Wednesday morning around 9:00 AM, a female driver was injured after colliding with a bear while driving down I-70. That accident occurred near mile marker 251, just past Genesee Park. The woman was taken to a local hospital, though the extent of her injuries are currently unknown. The bear died in the incident.

According to Colorado State Patrol, this is a good reminder that deer aren’t the only things to watch out for on the roadways during this time of the year. As spring blooms and things turn green around Colorado, expect to see larger animals on the move, including bears, elk, and moose. While any collision with a large animal is dangerous, bigger animals can pose an even greater threat for those inside of a moving vehicle.

Due to the wild terrain that I-70 crosses and fast traffic speeds, this road can be quite dangerous. Another collision with a bear on the road resulted in 3 deaths and 4 injuries last September.

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