On August 8, 2018, a 43-year-old Kansas woman drove her Jeep Wrangler off of Iron Chest Road, approximately 3 miles above St. Elmo. The Jeep fell 600 feet down the mountain, killing the driver and injuring her 21-year-old daughter that was passenger. The accident occurred at approximately 11,440 feet when an attempt to go over a large rock on the rugged route was unsuccessful, sliding the Jeep off of a steep slope.

During the wreck, a 1-year-old Golden Doodle named Bentley was thrown from the vehicle. Approximately three weeks later, the dog has been found alive, having survived in the rugged Chaffee County mountains for a total of 19 days. While Bentley was lost during the wreck, he didn’t go too far, “laying amongst the rocks along the ridge of the mountain. Peering down at the Jeep wreckage, patiently waiting for his family to return,” according to a post by the injured passenger and owner of the dog.

A video was taken that captured the owner reuniting with the pup. Quite sheepish, the dog slowly makes his way toward the familiar face. Watch it here. According to the owner of the pup, Bentley is uninjured, though a bit malnourished from his time away from home.

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