Although Colorado is landlocked, the Denver Aquarium provides a unique view into an underwater world. Be sure to make a day out of the experience as the aquarium also boasts a restaurant and a lounge seated around a 50,000-gallon central aquarium.

Denver Aquarium - Bess Sadler - Flickr - OutThere Colorado
Denver Aquarium. Denver, Colorado. Photo Credit: Bess Sadler (Flickr).

The Aquarium was started as Colorado’s Ocean Journey in 1999. When the initial company was forced to sell, Landry’s Restaurants bought out the aquarium, added a restaurant and lounge, and became what the Denver Aquarium is today.

Jellyfish - Denver Aquarium - Kristin - Klein - Flickr - OutThere Colorado
Jellyfish at the Denver Aquarium. Denver, Colorado. Photo Credit: Kristin Klein (Flickr).

In the aquarium’s walls and tanks, visitors will take a journey along the Colorado River, seeing all the river wildlife that is present. Much of the aquarium is dedicated to the confluence between rivers and the ocean, and between exhibits, guests see over 500 species of animals.

One of the most fascinating exhibits at the aquarium is the Stingray touch tank. In this area, a handful of stingrays swim in a pool open to the public. Visitors can stick arms in the tank and feel the skin of the stingrays as they glide gracefully by.

Denver Aquarium - Paul L McCord Jr - Flickr - OutThere Colorado
Denver Aquarium. Denver, Colorado. Photo Credit: Paul L. McCord, Jr. (Flickr).

The Denver Aquarium is easily accessible in downtown Denver, off of Exit 211 on I-70. Admission starts at $20.50 for adults and $14.50 for children. Additional fees apply for a special “4-D” video experience.

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