Every summer, Colorado jumps back in time a few hundred years to when princes fought dragons for princesses, and jousting was as popular as Sunday night football. Lutes play as visitors enter through medieval gates, with criers yelling “Here ye! Here ye!”. It’s time once again for one of the most exciting festivals of the year: the Colorado Renaissance Festival.

Each weekend during the summer has a theme—the Celtic Festival, Wine Revelry, and Children’s weekend—but there are some events that you can find every weekend: For those fascinated by the art of jousting, there three different jousting tournaments to watch per day and the Pirate’s Pub hosts musical guests beginning at 10:30 AM with the last performer at 5:30 PM. The festival also hosts seven different official stages with performances and skits ranging from, “The Endangered Cat Show” and “The Crimson Pirates” to “The Acrobatrix”. The food, the shopping and activity booths, and the medieval village also all contribute to the fantastical experience.

This weekend, June 17 and 18, is the Royal Ale and Art Festival, a salute to active military and veterans. The Dancing Bear Pub will host a lunchtime free ale sampling. All military personnel are eligible for a buy-one-get-one-free adult ticket with accompanying military I.D.

The Colorado Renaissance Festival is held in Lakespur, CO at 650 W. Perry Park Ave. It is open from 10 AM to 6:30 PM on weekends from June 10th through July 30th.  Ticket prices can be purchase for $24 (ages 12+), $12 (ages 5-12) or online for $22.50 and $11.00 respectively—children under 5 are free.

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