A local past-time that dates back well past Colorado’s statehood, gold-panning is one hobby that delivers both a unique experience and the chance to win big. Believe it or not, there are still several places in Denver where gold is regularly found. While you probably won’t find enough to quit your day job, you might be able to find enough to brag about it to your co-workers.

One of the most popular spots for gold panning in the Denver Area is Cherry Creek. Finding gold here dates back to some of the first prospecting in the state, with a man named William Russell going as far as to set up a gold panning camp along Cherry Creek in the area known as Parker today. Another spot that’s mentioned along Cherry Creek is where it meets the South Platte, known today as Confluence Park, near the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver.

While panning for gold is banned at many in-city water sources, Cherry Creek in Denver limits does allow non-motorized panning.

If you’re looking for the best chances of finding gold, some experts consider winter to be the best bet. The area is less crowded and the water is shallow during this time.

Being aware of the rules is important while panning, as rules vary greatly from water source to water source. Feel free to branch out from Cherry Creek, but if you do, know the rules of where you’re headed first.

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