You might want to think twice about scarfing down that grease-bomb at the Broncos game – it’s one of the worst stadiums in the entire country when it comes to food safety…and it doesn’t stop there.

In a recent report released by ESPN, they broke down what stadiums have had the fewest recent food-safety violations – and which ones have had the most. Their study considered whether or not high-level violations were found in routine inspections. Unfortunately, the findings are bad news for Coloradans.

Out of 107 stadiums (4 included in the study of 111 didn’t have enough data available to make the final report), the Broncos Stadium at Mile High ranked as the 103rd safest, the Pepsi Center ranked as the 101st safest, and Coors Field barely cracked 100 as the 99th safest stadium to eat.

Considering that one of the poorly ranking stadiums (Palace at Auburn Hills) is now closed, Denver stadiums (Broncos Stadium at Mile High, Pepsi Center, and Coors Field) rank as the 4th, 6th, and 8th, respectively, worst stadiums in the entire country when it comes to percent of inspections that resulted in high-level food safety violations.

Find the full report here, but know that in the Broncos Stadium at Mile High there has been a recent issue with rodent droppings, inspections at the Pepsi Center have revealed an issue with mold in ice machines, and Coors Field inspections have shown issues with live cockroaches on the premise, as well as mice entry holes found in packaged food.

How was all of this data gathered? ESPN conducted their study on 16,900 routine inspections at 111 venues during 2016 and 2017. In other words, it was thorough. Hopefully these stadiums get the news and clean up their act soon if they haven’t already.

The stadium that stole the top spot on the list with the least high-level violation percentage was Oracle Arena. A high-level violation was found in just 1.12% of routine inspections at this location. That compares to Broncos Stadium at Mile High having violations 80.43% of the time, the Pepsi Center landing at 75.86%, and Coors Field at 71.96%.


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