Denver is asking for public input on how to improve housing in 2020.

A city survey will be open until Oct. 10 and asks responders to evaluate a draft of their 2020 Annual Action Plan.

This plan details how Denver will make investments, expand services and develop projects in order to make progress on its five-year housing plan.

Photo Credit: Photo credit: City and County of Denver

Since the plan was enacted in 2018, the city has doubled its Affordable Housing Fund from $15 million to $30 million, applied $105 million in bond funding to affordable housing development, and enacted incentive zoning for developers who build income-restricted properties.

The 2020 plan details how to distribute the housing budget next year, and lays out city goals, including launching the Department of Housing Stability, as well as developing housing programs and services for the homeless.

Survey responders can help decide whether the plan sufficiently addresses community housing needs.

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