Come Saturday’s continuation of the NFL draft, the Denver Broncos have picked a rather peculiar (but still iconic) Colorado destination to make their picks – Casa Bonita. The 4th and 5th round picks will be made there, likely an attempt to increase the buzz about these later rounds where audience typically tends to drop off…or maybe the team simply wants dinner with a show. The event is set to be broadcasted live on NFL network. Selections of rounds 4 through 7 will happen at 10 AM Mountain Time on 4/28/18.

Casa Bonita is one of Denver’s most recognizable restaurants, known for features like live cliff jumping shows, waterfalls, and of course, bottomless sopapillas. This restaurant gained national notoriety when popular television show, South Park – a comedic cartoon – built an entire episode around the idea of how irresistible this location is to one of the main characters.

The full NFL draft lasts from April 26th to April 28th.

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