The Colorado Department of Transportation has advised driving-commuters in the Denver area to  “leave early or stagger travel to mitigate impacts of volume on the roadways” during the winter storm that’s rolling in. According to their press release, the worst part of the storm will hit from 3PM to 5PM, a time when commuters start to flood the roads. During this time, roads are expected to be extremely slick.

Their official recommendation was to leave prior to the storm hitting or to wait it out into the evening. Read more about the potential traffic implications here.

Also mentioned in the press release was that Colorado government offices in Denver and surrounding suburban counties would close at 2 PM due to the incoming extreme winter weather conditions.

The storm is also likely to have an impact on traffic in the morning, as it is expected to continue through the night.

Here’s a link that will show you what traffic laws are in effect.

Find a map that shows the current commute between Denver and Colorado Springs below.

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