A couple may be missing in Park County, Colorado after embarking on a backcountry camping trip from which they were set to return on Tuesday.

According to a report from 9NEWS, Heather and Dave Skillman, of Lakewood, were reported missing after an employer become concerned about the absence of one of the individuals.

A user post on MyMountainTown.com, a community website for Colorado’s mountainous region, states that the two were experienced hikers, having left for a multi-day backpacking trip along a pre-planned route with a Rottweiler, also missing, in tow. The same post also shows a GPS screen of the couple’s alleged route. Multiple sources confirm that the couple went missing in the Kenosha Pass area, where their vehicle has been found.

Winter weather has been blowing through the area in recent days, with additional snow expected in the Kenosha Pass area tonight. A hazardous weather outlook is active in the area. Over the past three days, temperatures in the area where the couple is suspected to be missing have dropped below freezing, accompanied by snow.

During the planned date range of the trip, weather seems to be favorable for this time of the year. Sunday through Tuesday had highs in the mid-40s, with lows at or above freezing. Thunderstorms did occur on Tuesday afternoon. Snow moved in Wednesday afternoon, with showers continuing since. According to the post on MyMountainTown.com, rescue efforts were put on hold yesterday due to weather complications.

Note that some of the details in this piece have yet to be fully verified. For the sake of notifying the public about the situation, we’re including details from user posts in forums on MyMountainTown.com. Updates will be posted here or in a linked article as we continue to talk with law enforcement in the area to confirm claims found online.

Many trails around the state remain quite sloppy during this time of year given an excessive amount of moisture. This can make trails more dangerous, especially in steep sections.

Kenosha Pass reaches a maximum elevation of 10,000 feet. It’s northeast of Fairplay, Colorado and is a popular hiking spot. A section of the Colorado Trail crosses Kenosha Pass at the summit.

If you know anything about the case, find information about reaching the Park County Sheriff’s Office here.

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