Depicting a scene that features crumbling buildings, a soldier brandishing a sword, and people crying while holding dead babies, a mural titled “Children of the World Dream of Peace” is coming down from the walls of Denver International Airport.

While this piece of art has caused controversy over the years and spawned conspiracy theories due to its graphic nature, it’s being removed for something that’s completely unrelated. Starting in July, a $650 million Jeppesen Terminal renovation will be underway, which will require the removal of this piece and 11 others.

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According to a report by the Denver Post, the artwork will be taken to a climate-controlled storage facility, with transportation coordinated by the Denver Commission on Cultural Affairs. The same article estimates that the mural will be back sometime in 2021.

Part of a four mural series, people often wonder why these paintings, some of which depict burning forests and dying children, were selected for Denver International Airport in the first place. Created by artist Leo Tanguma, the murals have been said to teach the lesson of the importance of peace across cultures.

Read more about the paintings here.


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