Marketed as “Colorado’s most majestic waterfall,” Seven Falls is one beautiful destination that visitors must pay to see up-close. While it’s always a bummer to pay to see something that’s hikeable, the money going to this destination allows the owners to maintain an elaborate walkway that make views of the falls accessible for all. There’s even a wheelchair accessible elevator that takes visitors to a high overlook.

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Located in a 1,250 deep box canyon, Seven Falls has…you guessed it…seven drops over 181 feet. For the best view of the area, visitors can test their nerves on suspended bridges and ziplines high above the canyon floor.

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There are 224 steep man-made steps on site that deliver stunning views of this water feature, as well as bring more adventurous visitors to a series of trails that span the surrounding area.

Seven Falls has been privately owned since the late 1880s when it was originally opened as a tourist attraction after being sold to a naturalist named James Hull for what would be $20,000 today.

Seven Falls is actually the only Colorado waterfall to earn a spot on National Geographic’s International List of Waterfalls.

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After heavy rains and flooding during 2013 damaged much of the falls, the Broadmoor bought the land seeking to repair it and reopen. Visitors were once again able to witness its majesty in August of 2015.

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One unique aspect of this waterfall is that it can be lit at the night by rainbow colored lighting that illuminates each cascade.

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